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Hyrule Historia
**Published by Dark Horse Books, *The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia* contains an unparalleled collection of historical information on *The Legend of Zelda* franchise. The hardcover book contains never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games, and much more! Starting with an insightful introduction by the legendary producer and video-game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, this book is crammed full of information about the storied history of Link's adventures from the creators themselves.
Composed of three main sections, Hyrule Historia has been written clearly with passionate fans of the Zelda franchise in mind, revealing tantalising concept art, amazing insights into the development process and of course, the official timeline. The first section, *The Legend Begins*, covers mainly the world of *Skyward Sword* including its characters, items, story and the world itself. The second section is devoted purely to the timeline, presenting the official timeline tree, and then in-depth analysis, background story and story developments of the series, from *Skyward Sword* to *Spirit Tracks*. The third and final section, entitled *Creative Footprints*, covers every other game in the series, but not to the extent of *Skyward Sword*, showing concept art, character designs, developer notes and map designs from every game in the series. Finishing the book is a manga written by the legendary Akira Himekawa, writers of the official manga counter-parts of the *Legend of Zelda* games and many other great titles. The story told in traditional manga style covers the immediate back-story leading up to *Skyward Sword*. Buy from Amazon

Related Media</h3>
Hyrule Historia is not the first book released on the subject of *The Legend of Zelda* nor, I'm sure, will it be the last. In 2002, a book entitled Zelda Box was released in Japan only, which contained a strategy guide, developer quotes, the Zelda Sound Collection music CD, a promo book, a map, a Link and a Moblin figurine. The enclosed promotional contains a collection of exclusive The Wind Waker artwork, interviews with the team behind the Zelda games along with commentary from the staff who worked on The Wind Waker. Other material included within the book are character profiles, game information, sketches, and a look at the history of every Zelda game so far. A guide to translate the Hylian Language found throughout *The Wind Waker* is also included. The Legend of Zelda Manga Box SetA number of adventure and tie-in books have also been released, either to coincide with Zelda releases or to let the reader decide his or her own fate within the book, with only one true finish included in the possible endings. The tie-in books tend to follow the related game pretty closely, with books released for *Ocarina of Time*, *The Oracles of Ages* and *The Oracles of Seasons* games. A couple of other art based books have been released, namely 'The History of Zelda Art Collection' which came bundled with an edition of Japanese magazine, Nintendo Dream; and 'How to Draw The Legend of Zelda' which shows the reader how to draw various action poses of young and adult Link, as well as other game characters and items from *Ocarina of Time*. One fictional book has been released, entitled 'Link and the Portal of Doom', which takes place shortly after the events of *Ocarina of Time*, when a strange inter-dimensional portal appears and threatens to engulf Hyrule. The book was distributed exclusively through the school market by Scholastic.

Official Guides</h3>
The Legend of Zelda Boxed SetAs with any big game release, an official guide often releases alongside a Zelda release. More often than not, two versions of the guide are released simultaneously – these normally are normal and limited editions of the guide. The normal version tends to be a colourful cover version of the guide, often resembling the box art for the game. However, the limited edition of the guide tends to be a more plain, nondescript version of the book, often bound in a hardback, faux-leather cover, with embossed Hyrule crest and border and gilded paper edges. These versions of the guides are highly sought after, with many now out of print. Announced in July 2013, Amazon started listing what could be called the ultimate collector's boxset, which consists of: 6 exclusive, limited edition guides; an individually numbered certificate of authenticity, with a signature and message from Mr. Eiji Aonuma; a high quality, 2-sided laser etched metallic bookmark with protective case; and a unique, high quality box that is *Legend of Zelda* themed and held closed by an embedded magnetic clasp. The guides enclosed are *Ocarina of Time 3DS*, *Spirit Tracks*, *Phantom Hourglass*, *The Wind Waker*, *Twilight Princess* and *Skyward Sword*. A must-have for collectors and fans alike!