Zelda Timeline

Zelda Timeline is the culmination of my personal love for the Legend of Zelda series, along with the heightened excitement for the release of the English language version of Hyrule Historia, in essence, the “Zelda Bible”. Released in 2011 in Japan, the book is most notable for revealing the much coveted Zelda Timeline.

Translators quickly realised that Nintendo had published an official timeline along with behind the scenes footage, images, sketches and diagrams from the development of Zelda games down the years. Most Zelda fans had conspired that a split had occured down to the time-split in Ocarina, with one line focusing on Link coming back from the future and telling the king of Hyrule Ganon’s plan and defeating him before he takes over, and then the second line with Ganandorf being defeated in the future and Link disappearing to go back into the past.

Confused? What about this - what if Link was defeated and perished? Well, that’s what Nintendo have accounted for in the timeline and introduced a third split, with games running from this unfortunate event of Link failing.

Hyrule Historia Japanese cover of ‘Hyrule Historia’

Although this intially is jarring, it actually makes a lot of sense and easily sorts the games into a tangible order, rather than the propsed “island” of games of Minish Cap, Four Swords/Adventures and the Oracle games being separate from the main timeline.

Heroes fade, but legends never die.

This website sorts through the timeline, and presents an easy-to-use guide to the conical timeline, featuring screenshots, reviews, ratings and links to the games, along with official snippets from Hyrule Historia upon its English release in January 2013, all sourced from open source websites and personal info.

Each game has its own page, and each section of the timeline will have its own colour, so you shouldn’t get lost while browsing the site.

If you do need to jump pages, or just want to go straight to your favourite games, you can use the side-menu to browse the games list and other pages, including contributor bios, free resources and media and much more.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Zelda Timeline is meant as a companion website to your other favourite websites like Zelda Universe and The Hylia, and of course, the games themselves.

Seen something that stood out in Skyward Sword, or noticed something perculiar in Ocarina of Time? Got a question about how the Dark World was formed in Twilight Princess? Chances are that this website will have all the information you need, and more.

Completely optimised for tablets and smartphones, you’re never too far away from Zelda Timeline and the plethora of information it contains. Imagine pausing Majora’s Mask to find out why Link was searching for a dear friend, or itching to know the inspiration for the Hyrule Crest seen throughout the series. Now you can just pick up your smartphone or tablet and find out.

Also, exclusive to iOS devices, is the ability to save a bookmark to the homescreen, ready for instant access to the website via web-app. Just save a bookmark to your homescreen, tap the gorgeous bookmark icon and enjoy a custom splash screen, while you wait for the site to load.

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As well as an in-depth guide to everything Zelda, there will also be a raft of freebies including wallpapers, icons, printable goodies, and much more. Also, provided that the launch and following period is successful, I’ll be arranging a giveaway or two, including imported soundtracks, app giveaways and possibly a copy of… Hyrule Historia.

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