An all new, mobile-friendly Zelda Timeline. Coming 2015.

Long-delayed, but never forgotten, Zelda Timeline is being re-written, re-designed and re-imagined.

A new standard for fan sites

Setting the bar for fan sites, Zelda Timeline will be mobile-first, with a responsive design that will not only enhance your experience, but leave you coming back for more.

Responsive Design

Designed to work as perfectly on mobile and tablet as desktop devices, who needs a dedicated app?

Exclusive media & downloads

Access to exclusive wallpapers, icons and resources as standard.

Awesome giveaways & prizes

From discount codes to exclusive giveaways and freebies, Zelda Timeline has you covered.

Mobile First

Built with WordPress

Using the world's most popular CMS, content and updates can be written faster, all while being safe and secure.

Constantly updated

From new titles to new information, Zelda Timeline will be constantly fine tuned and updated.

Future Updates

Future updates include user theory submissions, news articles and partnering with other great sites.


A true experience

Everything you need from a Zelda site, all dedicated to the official Zelda Timeline, serving an interactive and fully-featured encyclopaedia for everything to do with the official timeline.

  • In-depth story synopses, background and lore
  • Sourced from the Hyrule Historia
  • Every word written and checked

A long time coming, but well worth the wait.

Despite many delays, multiple design iterations and development, the passion behind the site is still there and still just as strong. In early 2015, Zelda Timeline will officially launch, and with it, bring the perfect companion site for all things Zelda and its timeline to life.

Seen something that stood out in Skyward Sword, or noticed something peculiar in Ocarina of Time? Got a question about how the Dark World was formed in Twilight Princess? Chances are that the site will have all the information you need, and more.


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